Veggie Garden Kit How-To

Watch this Video Tutorial on How to Use Your Veggie Garden Kit!

What's included in your DIY Veggie Garden Kit:

Sod staples

360° spikes

Black spaghetti

Figure 8


Brown tubing drip line

Conversion kit (hose connector)

Self-piercing tool

Veggie Kit

  1. Lay the pipe from the garden to your hose connection
  2. Place the sod steaks down to hold the brown tubing down 2-4 feet apart
  3. Cut the end of the brown pipe at the end of the garden with shape sheers or scissors
  4. Fold the brown pipe and use the black figure 8 to close off the brown tubing
  5. Place your 360° spikes between the places
  6. Break off the black connector on the side of your 360°
  7. Using your piercing tool puncture a hole in the brown tubing
  8. Attach the black connector from your 360° into the pierced hole on the brown tubing
  9. Attach black spaghetti to the connector in the brown drip line tubing and lay out to where you have selected to place the 360° sprinkler and cut black spaghetti
  10. Attach black spaghetti to 360° sprinkler
  11. Turn the 360° sprinkler head on by turning it counter clockwise
  12. Repeat steps 6 through 11 for every sprinkler head you want added into your garden
  13. Hook up the brown drip line tubing to hose using your conversion kit (hose connector)
  14. Turn the conversion clockwise onto your hose and counter clockwise onto the drip line.
  15. Turn hose on!