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Working with our customers in a collaborative approach ensures that the customers needs and goals are met.  Our unified approach between the customer and our irrigation contractor makes the entire process harmonious, resulting in a tailor made irrigation system that accommodates all your needs.

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Golf Course Irrigation Services

Renovating and Retro-Fits

Our Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) is ready to work closely with you to help extend the life of your irrigation system. You can trust our CLIA technician to collect site data, make maintenance recommendations, perform field measurements and observations, determine irrigation uniformity and efficiency, and help you manage your overall irrigation water use. Because we’re Rain Bird Certified Select Contractors and Hunter Industry Preferred Contractors, all of our recommendations are backed by top quality manufactured products, and our workmanship is fully guaranteed.

Central Control Systems

The central control system communicates with every field controller on the golf course. Monitoring vital irrigation information such as sprinkler head activity, flow management, pump efficiency, weather station data, etc., this system will not only keep you updated operationally, but will also increase your bottom line.


Looking to upgrade your control system?
Contact our office today! Our Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) will review your current system, your irrigation needs, budget, climate, etc., and make applicable recommendations. This type of investmentdramatically increases your labour efficiencies and significantly improves water conservation. With savings like these, re-allocating your resources to other course improvement projects will give you an opportunity to boost your competitive edge. Call us today!

Troubleshooting and Servicing

Throughout the life of your irrigation system, you will need to identify and address problems and issues that prevent your system from optimal performance. Some common issues are: clogged sprinklers, leaking heads and valves, poorly designed head placement, pipe leaks or breaks, broken wires, and water conservation. Our certified irrigation technicians (CIT) can alleviate these concerns, which will save you money and keep you competitive. Our field experience indicates that one of the most over-looked components of an irrigation system is proper grounding. Be sure that your system is well protected from power surges and electrical strikes - contact us to today to assess your system.


Electrical power surges can occur for a variety of reasons such as: short circuits, electrical faults, and unstable power supply. However, lightning strikes are by far the most common and most damaging as their impact is both financial and competitive. Protect your central control system investment by ensuring that proper grounding, bonding and shielding techniques are used. Our CLIA expert is ready to assist you.

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Our unified approach as a design-build irrigation contractor makes our process seamless from start to finish. This enables us to focus on what’s important – our customer and our relationship. Working with you from beginning to end fosters collaboration and teamwork, producing a tailor-made irrigation solution just for you!

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    If my golf course sprinkler stops working, can it be repaired?

    Depending on the problem, most golf sprinklers are designed so that they can be repaired. It is recommend to have back up sprinkler heads that you can switch out when one of your sprinklers fail but either yourself or the Blue Jay team can repair that broken sprinkler head so that it is ready to be swapped in when the next one fails.

    Additional Services

    Irrigation System Maintenance

    Irrigation System Maintenance

    Keep your system working great.

    Irrigation System Repairs

    Irrigation System Repairs

    Get your system up & running quickly.

    Irrigation Controllers

    Smart Irrigation Controllers

    Hands-off, smart watering system

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    Was working on modifying an existing irrigation system at home. Wasn't sure what size of pump should use. Trevor recommended a pump based on his professional knowledge. It turns out great result! Texted him many times night & weekend - Trevor answered every single question! Much appreciate Trevor! Would definitely recommend Blue Jay to anyone.

    Jerry Ju

    I have always been very satisfied with the service from Blue Jay. From pricing to installation to maintenance they are superior.All of the personnel from the office to the field staff are very professional.I would highly recommend them for all our your Irrigation needs.

    Kelly Cahill

    Blue Jay did our irrigation install and they also open and close the system every year. Our technician has been an absolute delight to deal with over the past few years. He definitely keeps us choosing them year over year!

    Corey League