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Blue Jay Irrigation has been supporting sports fields with their turf care across Ontario for over 30 years. Customer service and your satisfaction is our number one goal.  Blue Jay Irrigation expert contractors work closely with our customers to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of the project and communication is occurring at every step.  


Design - Build

Our design-build approach as an irrigation contractor makes us a popular choice with decision makers who are looking for a top-quality, hassle-free irrigation solution. A streamlined process we’ve implemented since day one, our unique approach to your project means we’re involved in the details every step of the way. Keeping us focused on what’s important – our customer and our relationship – this method fosters collaboration and teamwork, producing a tailor-made irrigation solution perfect for you! 

Troubleshooting and Service

Working closely with your turf manager to troubleshoot and service your immediate and on-going sports field irrigation needs is what we do best. Our on-staff CIT’s (Certified Irrigation Technician) are qualified irrigation professionals able to perform the following: cut and join pipe; lay out and install all irrigation components; trouble shoot, repair and make appropriate recommendations for your system; and we also know the local code. In the end, we’ll enable you to stay ahead of your competition by helping you to achieve the sought-after premium playing surface every sports field desires!

Renovating and Retro-fits

Starting off with a well-designed, properly installed irrigation system should leave you worry free for about 7-10 years, with the exception of sprinkler head renovations and retro-fits. Largely due to constant operation and field activity, sprinkler heads require constant attention and their on-going repair must be timely and accurate. Because we’re Rain Bird Certified Select Contractors and Hunter Industry Preferred Contractors, all of our renovations are backed by top quality manufactured products, and our workmanship is fully guaranteed.

Additionally, our Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) will work closely with you to collect site data, make maintenance recommendations and perform minor repairs, perform field measurements and observations, determine irrigation uniformity and efficiency, develop a basic irrigation schedule, and work with a water manager or property owner to manage overall irrigation water use.

What Customers Say About
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I have always been very satisfied with the service from Blue Jay. From pricing to installation to maintenance they are superior.All of the personnel from the office to the field staff are very professional.I would highly recommend them for all our your Irrigation needs.

- Kelly Cahill

I was thoroughly impressed with technician Greg Sutherland and his ability to source out the complicated problems, fix past errors and get our system up and running. Greg was courteous, apologetic and showed great integrity. He has a heart for his customers - something we highly value here at Lovers AtWork! He sought me out after both visits and didn’t leave until we were both satisfied - Great Customer Service!!

-Richard Kim


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