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If your irrigation system is acting faulty, call the experts at Blue Jay Irrigation to have them resolve the issues right away.  Our contractors will diagnose the problem and repair it quickly. Our customer service supersedes us and our customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We handle all the repairs of our irrigation systems and return it to working condition until the customers are satisfied.  

Check out our common troubleshooting problem & solution page! Still require assistance? Get in touch with us today at 1-800-287-5622

Why Customers Choose Blue Jay for their Irrigation Repairs

The benefits of choosing Blue Jay include:

Our expert irrigation services are backed by 35+ years of experience and over 5,000 projects.

Blue Jay is recognized as a Rain Bird Select Contractor, Hunter Industries Preferred Contractor, Landscape Ontario Green for Life Company and over a dozen other accreditations.

Reliable & honest irrigation technicians who maintain your sprinkler system

Over 50 customer reviews online and have an average score of 4.7/5

#1 reason our customers choose us over competitors is because of our profesional, friendly customer service

What Customers Say About
Blue Jay Irrigation


This company is phenomenal. I literally never think about my sprinkler system. They call me and remind me about every appointment, work around my schedule, winterize the system on time every year, replace worn parts, audit it’s function regularly and set it up in the spring so it works perfectly every time with my changing landscape designs. They even calibrate all the system timings to maximize my lawn’s health/watering schedule automatically so I don’t have to think about it. I literally just pay the bill and walk away, knowing my lawn is totally cared for. It’s effortless. Honestly, it couldn’t be better service

- Adam Seltzer

I wanted to personally say how impressed I was with Blue Jay and your staff’s strong desire to fix a few issues when things went ary in June and July.

Blue Jay have been looking after our irrigation system for several years now. They have always been both professional and friendly and have always always arrived when they promised and readily explain any work that needs doing. They also sorted out some major drainage problems we had when we first moved into this house. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Blue Jay for any job big or small

Alastair McLean

I am having major excavation work done. What do I do with my irrigation system? 

The best thing to do when getting any type of excavation work done in an area where you have irrigation is to let the damage happen.  Be sure to mark or lift up the ends of any broken pipes to make finding them easier when it comes time to repair.  Most of the product in the ground is designed specifically for the landscape the way it was at the time of install so it will not be able to be reused and/or will cost you more in labour to save than simply re installing the damaged area.   

My controller's screen is blank, what do I do? 

Try the tried and true unplugging it for 10 seconds and plugging it back in.  If that doesn’t work some controllers have reset buttons on them.  If you have the manual check to see if yours does or look for a manual on line.  If the reset button doesn’t help or you do not have a reset button you may need a new controller.  Controllers break for a variety of reasons, some of the most common would be age or power surges.  Call Blue Jay Irrigation and ask to speak to the service manager to go over the models of controllers we install and go over the features each one will offer.  

My irrigation came on and it rained last night, but I have a rain sensor. Is it broken?


Most rain sensors are set to a threshold of more than 1/4 inch so it takes a pretty serious rain to trip the sensor. If we got more then 1/4 inch of rain and your system still ran there is something wrong with your rain sensor.  It could be broken, bypass, the battery or simply blocked by overhead trees.  Call Blue Jay Irrigation and we will send a technician to repair the problem.  


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