Mutual Respect Policy

On behalf of the entire Blue Jay Irrigation Team, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a new customer. Welcome to the family! Blue Jay Irrigation is committed to providing an atmosphere of mutual respect amongst employees, its customers, and business partnerships. Mutual respect within the course of business/work, contributes to the ultimate success of the Company. Blue Jay’s Mutual Respect is dependent on treating one another as individuals, with consideration, esteem, and tolerance. Without a relationship carefully constructed between our customers, business partners, and our employees, trust and mutual respect cannot exist.

We expect and actively monitor that our employees are courteous, understanding, and respectful at all times in their communication with our customers. At the same time, we expect our customers, and business partners to be respectful of our employees.

Breaches of mutual respect are taken seriously by Blue Jay as they create an environment that is intimidating, humiliating, hostile, and offensive. Misconduct of Blue Jay’s Mutual Respect Policy by an employee, customer, or business partner constitutes the use of vulgar, profane, threatening, abusive, obscene, derogatory, and/or offensive language.

Blue Jay has a zero-tolerance policy in place for any customer or business partner being abused by a Blue Jay employee; and also for any employee being abused by a customer or business partner. Employee’s who abuse Blue Jay’s Mutual Respect Policy will be disciplined and could face termination; furthermore, Blue Jay reserves the right to cancel/terminate its service to any customer or partner disrespecting said policy.

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Trevor Lively,