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With 30+ years of experience, Blue Jay is South Western Ontario's top commercial irrigation system installer. When you choose us as your irrigation experts, you get the job-quality and reliability that comes from over 5,000 irrigation system installations. If you are looking to have beautiful, lush grass at your business this summer, we’re here to help. Contact us today and get custom pricing right away! 


The  Commercial Sprinkler System Installation Process


Whether you are looking to make watering easier or wanting to protect your landscape investment, in ground irrigation is a great way to make taking care of your yard easier and more efficient.  We offer free irrigation quotes which start with a visit to your business.  We design all our systems based on the water needs of the plants, sun exposure and water supply. Most systems can be designed and estimated on site with a quote submitted that same day. And of course, there’s no obligation and no charge for the visit. We’re happy to just have a look.



The install process starts before we arrive on site as our experienced staff put in a request to have your utility service lines painted to prevent damage during the install.  Before beginning the install we flag out the location of the heads and valve boxes according to the design and check that the conditions of your yard are suited to begin the install.  Our focus for all members on the team will be to minimize the damage to the yard by using our proven methods and the proper tools.  Typically, lines left by our machines and areas around the head will be back to normal after a month of running your new system. 


We pride ourselves in installing advanced but easy to use irrigation controllers so you can tailor you watering times to your landscape avoiding over and under watering.   We also offer smart watering systems that can be adjusted anywhere you have a device with internet access.    With every install we provide free service and training for the first year of operation allowing you to get to know your system and its maintenance needs.  




As with any system you install at your house there will be some maintenance required. We select our products based on our years in the industry as well as how the manufacturers back its product with their warranty.  We recommend that you check your system at a minimum of 3 times in a typical year: once when it is turned on and the other two periodically throughout the watering season.  Blue Jay is proud to offer full servicing plans or plans for any level of service you need.




For customers who want a hands-off irrigation system we offer a Peace Of Mind service package that extends the warranty on the system indefinitely, as long as Blue Jay services your system.  All our systems are backed by a 5-year warranty on all Materials used with a 1-year warranty on the workmanship.  


Why Customers Choose Blue Jay as Their Commerical Sprinkler System Installation Experts

The benefits of choosing Blue Jay include:

Our expert irrigation services are backed by 35+ years of experience and over 5,000 projects.

Get a comprehensive project plan and custom proposal for free.

Blue Jay is recognized as a Rain Bird Select Contractor, Hunter Industries Preferred Contractor, Landscape Ontario Green for Life Company and over a dozen other accreditations.

Over 50 customer reviews online and have an average score of 4.7/5

What Customers Say About
Blue Jay Irrigation


I highly recommend the services and products of Blue Jay Irrigation. Trevor and his staff are quite professional and excel at what they do. I have observed their competency in the field on many occasions and they always offer a consistent, timely and superb level of customer service. I have been in business for 24 years and I now rely solely on the services of Trevor and his staff for all the irrigation needs of my company.

- Kimmick Landscaping

With the utmost confidence, I highly recommend the irrigation services from the team at Blue Jay Irrigation. Over the course of the last 5 years, I have exclusively relied on Blue Jay Irrigation and their field teams to support my irrigation needs. They are reliable, consistent and knowledgeable about all they have to offer. In fact, their history spans three generations, each of them offering their own unique insight and commitment to the business.
It's always been important to me to cultivate relationships with peers who are like-minded. Blue Jay Irrigation is no exception as I rely on them for all of my watering needs. Please accept this as a letter of reference for Blue Jay Irrigation.

- Peters Landscaping

How much does it cost to install an irrigation system?

We design our system custom to each property.  There are a lot of variables that increase or decrease the cost of a system.  The amount of garden area vs. grass area, shade vs. sun, degree of slope, do you want a water efficient system or just a basic over spray system.  All these variables allow us to build our system to fit your property and vegetation needs.  We can’t give you a price over the phone but our sales team are more than happy to come meet with you and provide you with a custom design and proposal for your property.

Do you install drip irrigation systems?

Yes we do.  Drip is the most water efficient way to water your garden areas but there are a few requirements.  We recommend drip for areas that are established and you do not plan on planting every season.  Drip sits on top of the soil so it requires mulch to be spread over top of it so you do not see it. If you have a garden that you want to change and plant annually, we recommend going with over head spray vs. the drip so you have the ability to work and tend to the garden.

Will an automatic sprinkler system user more water than I am currently using?

Irrigation systems are designed to conserve water and do a better job of watering. Specific areas are scheduled to water for set amounts of time based on the conditions of that zone. It’s in these details that you will eliminate over-watering and/or wasting water. Even when it’s raining, your system will know that too, and will shut off.


Irrigation Maintenance

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Water Management

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