Lighting Memberships

Maintain the Beauty of your Outdoor Lighting

Annual Lighting Maintenance Membership

Landscape lighting systems require annual maintenance in order to shine their brightest and last a long time. As your landscape evolves and seasons change, your lighting should be adjusted, cleaned, moved, and/or enhanced.

Spring Visit – Starting at $125

Fall Visit – Starting at $125

Night visit – Starting at $185

Standard Package ( 2 day visits) – Starting at $250

Premium Package (2 day and 1 night visit) – Starting at $339

Lighting Maintenance Process

Adjusting Overgrowth

Lights may be hindered by overgrowth in shrubs, sod and more. When we are on a maintenance visit we will adjust the overgrowth to prevent issues and maximize lighting.

Preventative and Cleaning

Light fixtures can get knocked over or moved. This may cause fixtures to be exposed to the elements, leading to water damage or calcium build up on the lens. We will clean the lens to ensure that you are not losing any lumens (brightness) on your landscaping.

Moving or Adjusting

If any lights need to be moved or adjusted then we will do that for you. Our technicians know the best tricks for ensuring the lighting illuminates your landscape.

Enhancements and Add-Ons*

As your plants grow, your fixtures might need a stronger bulb with more lumens. This ensures that you're casting light on the subject fully, and not just highlighting half way up. Additionally, if you have recently added to your landscaping then we can add lights to new dark areas.

*Bulb or fixture upgrades are an additional charge. 

Night Time Adjustments

We will view your lighting at night. The angles of light fixtures make a dramatic impact on how they light up your landscape. In addition, your landscape will keep growing so your lights will need to be moved or adjusted.

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