Are you tired of watering your lawn? Do you find you keep missing those hard-to-reach spots? The solution is a built-in sprinkler system. A sprinkler system takes care of watering your lawn - even in those hard-to-reach spots. It can make your green space thrive and grow! Yet, there are many other benefits as well. Check out our top 5 benefits of having a sprinkler system below.

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1. You Save Time & Money Your sprinkler system is automated. This means it waters your lawn at the best time to ensure optimal absorption. You don’t have to worry about it. And it saves you money on costly water bills.

2. It Amps Up Your Yard Safety & Aesthetics A properly installed sprinkler system allows your lawn to flourish. In other words, it makes it look good. There’s nothing less appealing than a water hose strewn across your yard. A hose also has the potential to become a tripping hazard. No hose, no problem! Put you and your family’s safety first.

3. It’s Convenient Do you go out of town for days at a time? Who is going to water your lawn? With a built-in sprinkler system, you won’t have to worry about this. The automated system will take care of watering your lawn - even while you’re away.

4. Sprinkler Systems Increase the Value of Your Home If you plan on selling in the next few years, a sprinkler system can help bump up your home value. It can also create more free time, so that you can focus on improving other aspects of your home.

5. It Maintains a Proper Nutrient and Water Soil Balance A sprinkler system carefully distributes water evenly and effectively. It avoids the complications and issues that arise with overwatering or underwatering your lawn.

Save yourself the frustration, time, and money. Get your sprinkler system installed today! At Blue Jay Irrigation, our team has over 30 years experience. Select a company you can trust. Rely on Blue Jay Irrigation to plan, design, install and maintain your sprinkler system.