Landscape Lighting System

Landscape lighting that will transform your space

Add a glow to your home with landscape lighting

Transform your outdoor living space with landscaping lighting. Landscape lighting can enhance and highlight the natural beauty of your home.  It will also change the feel and function of your outdoor area. Landscape lighting will increase the amount of time you and your family will be able to spend outdoors and increase the security of your home. 


The Landscape Lighting Design Process


In our discovery phase — we walk your property and ask a lot of questions. It's important for us to consider how you like to use your yard. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in the evening? Do you host a lot of gatherings? Would you like to be able to appreciate the beauty of a well-lit landscape seasonally? Is safety a concern? With answers to these questions, we can look to identify key areas of illumination.



We encourage you to help us identify those "important to you" areas of your property that provide the most enjoyment. What are your thoughts about illuminating the canopy of the 20' Japanese maple that will hold your viewing pleasure year round? The warm glow provided by a few well-placed lights carefully define the sitting area next to the rock garden. If you follow the path of lights towards the back of your property, you will be able to experience the serene beauty of your water feature.



After choosing the key lighting areas, a plan is well constructed for a smooth installation in a short amount of time. Recommendations are made selecting the right fixtures for your taste and budget. We use top quality products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Backed by Hunter®, FX-Luminaire offers a variety of LED lighting solutions using low voltage technology and a full spectrum of colour, just for you. This means safer installations, increased energy savings, and consistent light — the light at the end of the cable run will be as steady as the first.




Why Customers Choose Blue Jay as Their Landscape Lighting Design Experts

The benefits of choosing Blue Jay include:

Our expert irrigation services are backed by 35+ years of experience and over 5,000 projects.

Get a comprehensive project plan and custom proposal for free.

Blue Jay is recognized as a Rain Bird Select Contractor, Hunter Industries Preferred Contractor, Landscape Ontario Green for Life Company and over a dozen other accreditations.

Over 50 customer reviews online and have an average score of 4.7/5

What Customers Say About
Blue Jay Irrigation


Was working on modifying an existing irrigation system at home. Wasn't sure what size of pump should use. Trevor recommended a pump based on his professional knowledge. It turns out great result! Texted him many times night & weekend - Trevor answered every single question! Much appreciate Trevor! Would definitely recommend Blue Jay to anyone.

- Jerry Ju

Everyone we dealt with on the Blue Jay staff were very professional and patient with inquiries throughout the entire process. The installation team was prompt and very efficient in navigating around our yard and implementing our irrigation system. Great job. Thank you Blue Jay.

- Richard Kim

I have always been very satisfied with the service from Blue Jay. From pricing to installation to maintenance they are superior.All of the personnel from the office to the field staff are very professional.I would highly recommend them for all our your Irrigation needs.

- Kelly Cahill

Will landscape lighting pay off when I sell my home?


There are many advantages to having a well lit landscape, and increasing the value of your home when you sell is one of them. Professionally installed landscape lighting can highlight all the great features of your exterior, while adding to the curb appeal and ambiance. Increasing the functionality of your outdoor living space will allow your realtor to emphasize the feature on your listing. Not only will outdoor lighting provide an additional living space to enjoy, it also doubles as a security feature that is attractive to potential buyers. 

Why should I use a professional? 


With most things in life, there are many reasons why professionals are the professionals. They know what clients want, how to work within a budget and how to deliver the best possible service. This is the case for landscape lighting as well. A professional is able to give you options based on your needs and maximize your budget. They will be able to install all the features of your landscape lighting correctly and efficiently to ensure money is not wasted during and after install. The added bonus of a professional is also the aftercare available. If you have any issues or problems that arise, a professional is able to assist in remedying the situation. 

What is the cost to operate landscape lighting?


The cost to operate your outdoor lighting is dependant on a number of factors. Most obviously,  the size and design will play the most significant role in determining the amount of additional hydro necessary to run your outdoor oasis. Having a well-installed and energy efficient lighting system will ensure you are running at the lowest cost possible. Adding on timing features will also assist in making sure hydro, and money, are not being wasted. Depending on your wants and needs, running your landscape lighting system can cost under $25 a month, which many consider a small price to pay for the increased curb appeal and safety. 

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