Common Myths And Misconceptions About Irrigation

An irrigation system has various benefits. But you may not be able to fully understand them if you’re caught up in common myths and misconceptions about irrigation. So, let’s set the record straight. What should and shouldn’t you believe when it comes to irrigation?

Myth #1: 1 Inch of Water is Required for All Plants Every Week

This myth has evolved through word of mouth. The saying goes that all plants need 1 inch of water every week. And while it can provide a general and rough outline, people tend to follow it a tad too closely. They’ll set their irrigation systems to always provide this amount. In reality, all plants are different. Plants are like pets or other animals. Not all animals require the same amount of food every day. It varies depending on their size, type, activity, and other factors. The same goes for different plant species. So what should you be doing? Whenever you plant a new plant (even if you’re unsure about older plants!), research online how much watering they need. Set your system to this amount. It could potentially save you from wondering later on why exactly a few plant species aren’t doing too well. Let your garden flourish with the right amount of water.

Myth #2: The Plants Will Get Burnt If You Water From Above With Sunlight Present.

While this isn’t recommended, it’s not because the plant will get burnt by the sun. This belief is common due to the fact that human skin burns easier when by the water. Although, this is often caused by the reflection of the water. The real reason it’s not recommended to water plants this way is because of the time of day. The water evaporates faster, meaning the plants don’t get as much of it and you end up wasting water. Instead, it’s best to water early in the morning or at night when the sun is setting.

Myth #3: Plant Wilting Indicates Your Plant Isn’t Getting Enough Water.

You see your plant wilting away. So you run at it with a ridiculous amount of water in hopes of salvaging it. But here’s the thing: Plants can wilt for other reasons besides dehydration. Soil upheaval can also cause it to happen, disrupting the roots. So, make sure you check the soil first.

Myth #4: When It Rains, Your Irrigation System Can Be Turned Off.

Your plants need consistent watering. Rain is very inconsistent. If you were to turn off your irrigation system every time it rained, you run the risk of underwatering your plants. In some cases, rain sensors may help. It actually regulates your irrigation system automatically, which means you won’t have to worry or fret about whether or not this is a problem.

Myth #5: You Can Train Your Plants

Maybe you’ve heard you can train certain plants to adapt to a specific environment or climate. Unfortunately, this isn’t accurate. For instance, if a sun-loving plant is put in a very shaded spot, it won’t thrive. Make sure you place your plants in appropriate spots and assess how your irrigation system services these areas.

Myth #6: Irrigation Systems Use More Water

False! Most irrigation systems save on water consumption. It prevents overwatering and provides water to your plants at the optimal time of day. Are you looking to install and purchase an irrigation system? Blue Jay Irrigation is ready to help you. With over 30 years in operation, our team emphasizes the customer experience and aims to provide quality irrigation services across the Southwestern Ontario corridor.