There are plenty of different irrigation systems on the market but Hunter and Rain Bird are usually the most popular brands. If you are thinking about getting a system for yourself and you’re wondering what the difference is between the two and which ones work best for your yard then this is the right place. Keep reading to find out more about Hunter and Rain Bird systems.

An irrigation system should be able to evenly water your lawn and allow you to have fewer worries about maintaining it. If you have an irrigation system that needs to be maintained all the time then it’s not really doing you much help. We’re going to tackle some of the most important issues you need to consider when it comes to purchasing your irrigation system: reliability, cost, longevity, ease of use and performance.


Both systems are well known in the industry for being the top systems in their field but when it comes to actually handling pressure, Hunter usually comes out on top. Their systems can handle more PSI which is one of the most important things when it comes to reliability. If you know that your system is going to break less then you don’t have to worry about it nearly as much but the Rain Bird system is known for needing a bit more as far as maintenance.

Experts have also mentioned that they tend to be called to more homes that have installed Rain Bird systems when it comes to repairs. Rain bird uses a valve system that requires screws and installers complain that they can be stripped too easily which requires more time to repair the system while Hunter uses a dual screw system so you are able to remove it easily if the screws happen to strip.

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The cost of your irrigation system will depend on the features you choose, where you need it installed and what type of system you are looking for. Both brands have many different styles and the cost is relatively the same but Rain Bird has a slightly lower price for some of their components. Your local irrigation expert will be able to tell you more about their prices and help you find the irrigation system that works for your budget.

A full lawn installation will run you about $3,500 – $6,000 but you can also choose a smaller system for your garden which will cost about $1,000 – $2,500. Irrigation systems seem like a large investment but they end up saving you quite a bit on your water bill in the long run. The cost includes installation and hardware but it can vary quite a bit depending on your yard so give your local irrigation experts a call and they will help you figure out a system that works for your budget.


Hunter irrigation has been around since 1981 while Rain Bird has been operating since about 1933. Both companies have been operating well for years but Hunter Irrigation has a higher grasp on technology.

  • Hunter Irrigation has done an amazing job of embracing tech aspects since they began and they have never shielded away from using interesting technology. They have been using tech developments to their advantage since they began which gives them a bit of a leg up for longevity.
  • Rain Bird has been around longer but their company relies more on standard technology for their systems. They do offer some tech upgrades but the company relies more on the physical parts. Rain Bird uses different materials and parts that some experts have found to be a little more fragile.


It’s hard to compare these two brands when it comes to performance Because they’re both equally great. Both brands have smart drip irrigation which is one of the best ways to keep your plants and lawn healthy while saving water and money.

Smart drip irrigation applies water in small amounts over longer periods of time right on the roots which means the water is less likely to be evaporated and wasted. These systems also allow you to control the amount of water you use and it prevents pooling which means you will have a lower water bill than traditional overhead or spray sprinkler methods.

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Ease of use

Smart drip irrigation systems are overall very easy to use but it depends on how many features your system uses. If you have many different areas to water then you might need more than one system style. No matter what type of system you have, it should be easy for you to use, understand and control.

Those who have installed both systems prefer the Hunters’ controls over Rain Bird due to the fact that they are easier to explain and understand. There are fewer buttons on the Hunter controls which make it much easier to understand what you need to do to program the irrigation style you want. There are videos on YouTube of both company’s controllers so you can reference them whenever you need a refresher.


There are very few differences between the two systems so it really depends on what works best for your yard and your budget. Rain Bird has a slightly lower price but their system has been described as slightly difficult to use by some people. Hunter is considered by many experts to be the best irrigation company and their systems always outperform the competition.

No matter what you need your system for, an irrigation expert will be able to help you find the best one to suit your irrigation needs. Some gardens work better with some systems and an expert will be the one to let you know what your garden needs. Call one today to discuss your irrigation needs and they will be able to sort you out with a system in no time.