Irrigation systems can help your yard in so many ways and they are a fantastic way to take care of your garden in an eco-friendly way. You want to make sure you are getting the best irrigation system for your wants and needs so make sure you do a bit of research and ask a few questions before you invest in one. If you are thinking about what questions you should be asking yourself then keep reading to see the 6 questions you should ask before investing in an irrigation system.

1. What do I need it for?

Irrigation systems can be one of the best decisions you make for your yard but you need to start with the type of irrigation system you need. A system that is designed for a larger area like a lawn or vegetable garden won’t do well if you plan on using it for a small group of delicate flowers. You need to match things like water pressure, spray area, and the soil type so that you can get the most out of your system.

An irrigation expert will be able to tell you what system will work best for your needs and they always have the best knowledge about the equipment. They can guide you in the right direction and give you advice on the maintenance plan your yard is best suited to. It’s important to get the right system for the plants otherwise you could end up with a damaged or dried-out yard which would render your system useless.


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2. What is my yard like?

There are a few factors when it comes to the yard that can change how your irrigation will respond and you need to make sure you look at a few different things before you install it. If you have a yard with uneven terrain then you need to look at where everything is draining and pooling and adjust the system accordingly.

You also need to look at what type of soil is in your yard and make sure that your water level is adjusted accordingly. Thick soils that are rich with things like clay will take a bit of extra water to get into the ground properly. An expert will be able to test your soil and figure out if the amount of water you’re using should be adjusted.

3. How often will it be used?

Your local weather and seasonal changes can definitely be a factor when it comes to choosing the right system. If you have a warm and dry climate then you will likely need to run your system more often than someone in a rain heavy area. If your system is used often then you want to make sure you invest in parts that will last a long time and a system that can handle being run quite a bit.

For areas that get quite a bit of natural watering, you can get away with a smaller system that is more concentrated on specific areas like a root watering system. These are designed to be placed directly on the soil and they slowly drip water onto the roots of the plant. While rain is great for your garden, overhanging trees, and larger plants can end up blocking the water from being distributed to the parts of your plant that need it most, and adding an irrigation system is a great idea to help with that.

4. What features do I need?

Irrigation systems can be customized in so many ways so make yourself a list of what you want in a system before you start looking around. Some people prefer a system that is basic and easy to manually adjust around the yard while others want all of the technical bells and whistles. Think about why you’re getting the system and how you want it to work for you before you start looking.

High-end systems are ideal for anyone who has more than one area that needs watering. You can place a sprinkler irrigation system on your lawn, a drip system in your vegetable garden, and a low-level spray in your delicate flowers while you control all 3 from your phone. It’s the perfect system for anyone who is away from the house often and likely to know that their yard is taken care of.


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5. What is my budget?

Your budget might be the deciding factor when it comes to your system choice but keep in mind that this is an eco-friendly investment that is going to end up saving the home quite a bit of money over time. Being able to control your yard's irrigation means that you are less likely to end up watering areas that don’t need it or watering your garden when it’s not necessary which can save you a ton of water.

Investing in your irrigation system is a great way to add a bit of value to your home while also giving it an eco-friendly upgrade. An irrigation expert will be able to crunch the numbers and show you how much money it will save your home in the future.

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6. Can I DIY this?

With a rise in do-it-yourself home projects, many people have started to assume that an expert isn’t really necessary. Unfortunately, choosing to do the work yourself in this case might destroy your yard while costing you quite a bit of money. There are so many factors that go into making sure the system you have chosen is right for your yard and an irrigation expert will be able to help you with all of them.

An irrigation expert has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the system that works for your yard, your lifestyle, and your budget. They will also be able to help you maintain your system and they can give you guidance on how to shut the system down for the winter. Getting an expert in is the only way to know that your system has been installed correctly and is suited to your yard's needs.

Irrigation systems are not one size fits all and the best way to make sure your system is providing your plants with the correct amount of water in the correct ways is by getting it installed by a professional. Give your local irrigation experts a call today and they will be able to give you the best advice on what your yard will need.