The pandemic has made many people look into new and exciting hobbies to keep them busy while under lockdown, and many chose to become parents but not the kind you’re thinking of. Plants are the new puppies, and people have started to take great care to keep their indoor plants nice and healthy. One of the best ways to do this is by automating your watering with a drip irrigation system. If you have ever wondered a bit more about drip irrigation, then keep reading to see the 5 reasons why your house plants could use an indoor drip irrigation system.


They are Easy to Use

A drip irrigation system is one of the best automatic watering systems for indoor plants and you don’t need to worry about fumbling around with a watering can. These systems are designed to provide your plants with the correct amount of water at the proper time, and they are straightforward to use and install. Most of the systems will come with a controller, tubing, and plant stakes that are used to disperse the water, along with a few other parts. 


The systems typically come with written instructions along with links to online tutorials that can guide you through the setup. The instructions will also let you know how to set up the controller and adjust it to suit your needs. They are typically straightforward to set up, but you should make sure the system is working correctly before you allow them to water your plants on their own. 


They are Simple to Install

Installing the system is typically very easy, and the provided instructions can usually guide you through the process. The installation will all depend on the type of system you purchase and the area you are using it for, but they usually come with a few main components. 


A pump: The pump is usually digital, and it is the piece that controls when the water is taken from the water sources. These are typically easy to use, and they have simple program settings. 


Timer: If you don’t have a digital system, then it will likely be run by a manual timer. This style is similar to an outdoor irrigation system, and it will allow you to program it while it runs like a clock. These are sometimes seen as more reliable than the digital pump/timer combo, but others find them difficult to adjust and use. 


Tubing: The tubing that disperses the water will typically be a flexible plastic. Your kit might also include some filters that you can attach to the tubing to ensure nothing clogs your pump when you are gone. If you have significant dust or bugs in your plant area, adding a filter to your water source tubing is very important. 


Tubing attachments: These are designed to allow you to customize your setup and attach multiple watering lines to one supply. If you are watering more than one plant, you need to plan out where the lines will be before you start cutting the tubing and attaching it. Draw up a layout and then figure out the lengths you need to ensure you have enough tubing to reach every plant and the watering supply.


Plant stakes: If your system is designed for multiple plants that are spread out, it will likely come with stakes that attach to the tubing. This is to hold the tubing in place and allow the water to get into the roots. 


Power supply: Some systems run on batteries, while others run on power supplies. If you have the option to do both, it’s a good idea to use the power supply but add batteries in case of a significant power failure. Most systems can switch from one or the other, and the batteries are a great backup option. 


Other systems bill themselves as wireless which means you will need to charge the pump. These systems should only be used for shorter periods of time as they have no backup in case the battery dies.


The only thing you will need to add to your system is a water supply. The longer your system runs, the more water it will need, so you need to make sure you have a large enough tub for your supply. Some people choose to fill up their bathtub and run the lines from that, but it will run much easier if the lines are level with the plants, so consider investing in a large bucket that can handle the pump. 

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They are Customizable

Many people worry about using an automated indoor drip irrigation system because they don’t want their plants to be overwatered or underwatered. Luckily, the controller is there to adjust how much water flows and how often it is dispersed, which means you are able to give your plants the correct amount at the right time. If you need to water multiple plants that require various amounts, then you might need to buy multiple systems to make sure each one gets the right amount of water if your system doesn’t come with different valves. 


Many systems allow you to adjust the pressure to the flow, which will prevent any backflow issues. Keep in mind that some systems are designed for stationary plants while others are designed to water hanging plants. This slight difference can matter quite a bit when it comes to any automated pressure, as it will need a bit more for hanging plants. 


They Provide Accessibility

These systems are often used by people who need to be away from home for an extended period of time. Other people choose to use these systems if they have an extensive collection of plants so they can cut down on watering times. These systems are also perfect for hard-to-reach areas or for anyone who has mobility issues that make it hard for them to water many plants. 


Some of these systems also come with a Wi-Fi connection, so you can control your system from as far away as you need. You need to be aware of how long your system can run without interference, and we mentioned already that you would need a good water supply. If you plan on leaving home for a while, test out how much water your system uses per day (and add a bit more to account for natural evaporation), so you can make sure you are leaving the system enough water to last.


They are Great for Travelers

A vacation should be a time with no worries, and an automated watering system is one of the easiest ways to make sure your plants stay hydrated while you are away. Many plants can go days without water, but others are much more sensitive to dry conditions. Automated foggers are a popular option, but they aren’t the best for small spaces or plants that prefer to be watered at the root. 


We mentioned how you could control some of these systems via your Wi-Fi. This is a fantastic option for anyone who is going to be away for prolonged amounts of time or for those with unpredictable schedules. The Wi-Fi connection typically allows you to adjust timing, but others will enable you to adjust the output so you can change it if your plants require more water on warmer days. 

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They Eliminate the Work

These irrigation systems are designed to be used however you need them, and you don’t need to be away from the home to make good use of them. Some people love the look and feel of a room full of plants, but when it comes to watering, they get a little forgetful. There is no shame in forgetting to water your leafy friends, especially when life gets busy. 


If you find yourself sticking to succulents and cacti because you know they won’t end up brown and sad looking, then try starting out with a small irrigation system. If you are keeping it in your home for a long time, then you should consider making your reservoir a little less noticeable by using something like an opaque vase that can blend in with the decor. This way, you can set yourself a timer or give yourself a calendar alert to add more water every week or so instead of worrying about watering your plants every day.


Having an indoor irrigation system can be a fantastic option for so many different reasons, and it’s one of the best ways to keep your plants healthy while you are away from your home. There are so many different levels of systems on the market that are easy to set up, program, and maintain, so you don’t have to worry about your plant’s hydration levels. Have a look at some of the fantastic indoor irrigation systems that are available at hardware stores or online so you can see for yourself why these systems have become so popular for indoor gardeners.