Exterior Landscape Lighting

How Front Landscape Lighting Increases Home Value

With the housing market ebbs and flows, there’s not always the perfect time to sell your home. However, suppose you’re planning on selling anytime in the near future. In that case, it’s always a good time to reevaluate your property’s curb appeal and what you can do to improve it. 

Front yard lighting is something that most homeowners overlook, but it can significantly impact how your home shows. Suppose you’ve ever driven through an affluent community at night. In that case, you’ll notice most, if not all, of the properties, have custom lighting solutions that illuminate the incredible homes all along the street. When you think of making home improvements before listing, you probably immediately think of changes and upgrades you can make inside your home, but the outside should be just as important. Having excellent exterior pathway lighting and illuminating your home’s best features will considerably improve your chances of selling. 

Beautiful landscape lighting immediately makes you think of luxury estate homes with perfectly placed lights that illuminate all the best features of stunning properties. Even if you don’t have a luxury estate, you can achieve the same look and feel for your own home. Investing in front landscape lighting has plenty of benefits beyond just increasing your curb appeal. It also helps your home stand out from the crowd, increases security and safety, and much more. 

Benefits of Front Landscape Lighting

The first and foremost benefit of adding the best outdoor landscape lighting to your home is the curb appeal. It can make the most dramatic difference to your home, especially in the winter months where the sun doesn’t stick around too long and it becomes dark early in the afternoon. If you’re trying to sell your home during this time, many people will be viewing your property after work, meaning it’ll be dark. When installed by a professional crew, exterior pathway lighting can change the whole atmosphere of your home, enhancing its best features and providing other benefits as well. 

Aside from the aesthetics of lighting, it has plenty of practical uses as well. In fall and spring, when it’s still warm enough to spend time outside, and even in the summer months, it allows you to use your front and back yards, even after the sun has set. With adequately installed lighting, you will still be able to see well, continue socializing, or spending time in your own personal oasis. There are plenty of great ideas for backyard lighting that can really transform your space into a cozy spot for you to enjoy whenever you want to, regardless of the time of day. 

Walkway Lighting

The best outdoor landscape lighting helps improve safety and security. Especially during the cold winter months, where your walkway might be a bit slippery, pathway lighting can help you navigate your walkway without slipping and injuring yourself. Dark pathways and trying to get around your home when it’s pitch black outside is a recipe for disaster. As for security, it helps deter any criminal activity that may occur around your home. Paired with security cameras, anyone trying to steal from your yard or vandalize something won’t want to be caught on camera with bright lights revealing their identity. They can easily be spotted by neighbours as well, so you’re pretty protected with landscape lighting. Suppose you’re looking for lighting specifically for enhanced security. In that case, it’s best to put lights on every door and window as well. 

Landscape lighting is not only fantastic for the overall look of your home, but it also increases its functionality, which interested home buyers will notice and love. It’s a fantastic investment for your home, and many customers who choose to have it professionally installed love the results. 

When your system is professionally installed, it can be so easy to use that you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in it sooner. Most lights can be set to a timer to turn on automatically. If you need maintenance down the road, the company that did the installation can easily help with that and make it easy for you as well. 

Adding Front Landscape Lighting To Your Home 

Working with your existing lighting

The majority of homes will have some existing lighting outdoors, but the standard is to have front and back lighting that is just a standard bulb. If you have a garage, you may have an outside light for that as well. You can do a few easy things to improve your existing lighting without installing any extra fixtures. Keeping your bulbs and fixtures clean is a great way to make an instant improvement to your existing lighting. All it takes is one wind storm for dirt and debris to muck up any light fixtures you have without you noticing immediately. 

If you notice that one of your fixtures isn’t shining as bright as the others, check the bulb and check that it’s functioning correctly. It doesn’t look great for newcomers or interested buyers who come to your property when a fixture isn’t working correctly, especially if it’s night and the only light you have on your front porch. 

There are a few removable lighting options you can opt for when it comes to pathway lighting. Many home improvement stores sell solar-powered lamps that you can just push into your grass. They’re not a permanent solution, but they’re an easy way to keep your walkways illuminated. 

If your lighting is in working order, ensure you don’t have any greenery or trees covering your lighting, impacting the visibility around your home. It’s easy to prune your shrubs, and it makes a big difference to the safety and security of your home. 

Additional Lighting

Adding additional lighting is the route most people take when they’re ready to make an investment in outdoor lighting. There are certain areas that are must-haves when it comes to additional landscape lighting. These areas typically include the front yard, pathways, BBQ grill, windows, and doors. Still, some important spots are personal preferences as well. 

Typically, the front yard is the focal point for landscape lighting. As people drive by your home with everything illuminated, it draws their attention in. It’s the first thing they immediately notice when it comes to your property. Quality and well-executed lighting can make all the difference, and it’s fantastic year-round. 

Illuminating your walkways and pathways is another top priority, so keeping the bulbs bright and clean keeps you safe from any tripping hazards. Many people opt for colourful bulbs, especially around the holidays, but those can diminish the impact that landscape lighting is meant to offer. 

Upgrading any fixtures is essential to do after they become outdated. Especially if you’re consistently making upgrades to your home’s appearance, outdoor lighting shouldn’t be left behind. Replacing any fixtures that are broken, out of style, or have withstood plenty of bad weather, replacing them in time to sell is a great idea. 

As we mentioned, adding lighting to any windows and doors can help deter criminal activity around your home and keep you safe. In the backyard, adding lighting to your entertainment areas that might include your BBQ or your patio table will allow you to entertain for longer. 

Entertaining Guests

Hiring a professional

With most things in life, hiring a professional for any exterior home maintenance is an ideal choice. Especially when it comes to installing lighting, if you’re not a seasoned pro, it can be quite tricky and downright dangerous. When you choose Blue Jay Irrigation for your landscape lighting installation, you’re getting the entire experience. With our three phases, you’ll feel confident you’ve made the right choice. 

We start by taking a tour of your home and asking you all the questions about the vision you have for your yard. We like to get to know how you spend your time outside and what you like to enjoy in your private oasis. From there, we can make a plan to create the best lighting setup to enhance your overall experience. Identifying any must-haves can help us create the perfect lighting solution for you. Once we’ve determined your budget, what you’re looking for, and what would make your backyard perfect, we plan for a seamless install as soon as possible. We only use the best products, and we’re prepared for any challenges thrown our way. Maintenance problems down the road? No problem! We can help at any time to ensure your lighting is working the way it should. 

Blue Jay Irrigation can help transform your front or back yard with incredible landscaping lighting by enhancing the amazing architecture of your home. Change the whole atmosphere of your exterior living space and increase the value of your home with our expert installation and process. Backed by over 35 years of experience, we’re sure that you’ll be thrilled with your experience with us.